Up-Do’s/Party Hair

We can do many up styles for any special occasion; prom, homecoming, weddings, parties, or any special event. Trial up do’s can be scheduled one week before the actual special day to ensure the exact look you want to achieve. The stylist will practice two – three hair styles to get the right look for you. Please bring along any hair pieces, flowers or jewels that you may want in your up hairstyle. We also have “bling strands” that can be put into the hair. Prices vary from $50/up.

Hair should be 1 day old with a mousse, gel, or some sort of product put into it for holding power. Freshly shampooed hair is slippery and more difficult to keep in an up do. Please do not flat iron. If hair is flat ironed it is more difficult to put curls into the hair, as it has already been ironed to a straight or flattened state. Also, be sure to wear a button down shirt that can be easily removed, so it doesn’t have to be taken over your head to change clothes.