Ear Candling

ear candling (2)An ancient Middle Eastern remedy to remove buildup in the ear canal.  This holistic approach is both relaxing and beneficial for sinus relief and improved hearing.  It is said that toxins in the ear canal and other debris can be removed with the use of ear cones.  One end of the a cone made of cloth and wax is lit, and the other end is placed in the ear.  It is claimed that the flame creates a negative pressure, drawing debris out of the ear canal.  After this ear candle process is finished, it seems you have a sense of a lighter feeling in your head.  It is great to help with sinus congestion, ear wax build up, pressure in the ears headaches, tinnitus, and general hearing loss.  Although there is no scientific evidence ear candling can cure these conditions.  There is a growing number of people that claim that the treatment has been a positive benefit to their problem.  This service will take about 45 minutes to do. $45