Eyelash Enhancements or Tinting

EyeLash Extensions

This is great to add length and fullness to your lashes! It is done by adding clusters or individual lashes to your natural lashes. These are great for anytime and all the time! It is highly suggested to give your eyelashes a break from the enhancement about every 3 months. Refills are done on an as need basis. It is normal to lose a cluster periodically. Refill appointments are needed to maintain proper enhancement.

We offer various types of lash extensions.

Classic Full Set – This service uses individual lashes $175/up

Hybrid Set – Individual lashes and cluster lashes.   $185/up

Volume Set – Uses all cluster lashes.   $150/up

Glitter lashes or colored lashes can be added to any lash set! $25/ for 10 lashes

Lash Extension removal $25

Pictures of enhancement below:

Eyelash Tinting

Eyelash tinting is in! Are you tired of always needing mascara?  Wishing your lashes were darker?  This is your chance!

How it’s done…………..Natural color is applied to the lashes and it only takes about 15 minutes.  It generally lasts about 4 weeks.  Great for many occasions or even for an everyday look!  Great when you go swimming, no more mascara run! $25/up

Lash Lifts

Lash lifts are like a perm for your lashes!  They set the shape of your natural lashes by using a solution to give them curl  that can last up to 6-8 weeks, depending on your lash shedding cycle.  This is a perfect alternative  for people who want definition  and curl to their lashes, but have sensitivity to lash glue or don’t want to do maintenance every 2-3 weeks.  Because it’s your natural lashes, you can also get a lash tint  right after your lift, helping eliminate the need for mascara!   This service is very low maintenance.  Once you wait 24 hours after the lift, all you need to do is keep your lashes conditioned.  You can use lash conditioner or even coconut oil  That’s it!    $60/up