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“Shades Hair and Spa, has an innovative approach to offer clients an overall experience of well-being, by giving excellent customer service. We listen and personalize each client’s needs and wants, with our knowledge and professionalism.  Relaxation is key, while still maintaining an atmosphere of fun and comradery . Shades is more than just hair, we are an experience”!

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157 E. Broadway Red Lion, Pennsylvania
(717) 244-1700

Shadesville is an inside market type store for vendors, that make handcrafted, repurposed, unique, one-of-kind items, and we have a few antiques too!

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Shades Hair and Spa

Our spa services include excellent customer service, specializing in haircolor, hair services, nail services, skincare & facials, make-up, spray tanning, ear candling, waxing, massage, reiki and reflexology. You may also want to enjoy our couples suite for massages and/or facials! It's our goal to be on top of our profession and to be the best part of your day!
Shades Hair and Spa
Shades Hair and SpaSaturday, May 28th, 2016 at 1:18am
Self-Defense Class!
Space is limited. Sign up and pay at Shades Hair and Spa. Don't miss out on this Great opportunity! If you have any questions please ask or call 717-244-6492

Class is instructed by: George Matheis Jr.

Course Description­ Personal Protection is SAFE with an A added to Awareness, Avoidance,
and Aggression. Over 3-4 hours, attendees will learn to see the world around them from a
different perspective allowing them to identify potential dangers and threats that others miss. Inaddition to processing this information, they will also learn proven avoidance strategies that
allow them to escape potential emergencies, such as active shooters and criminal assault. Thelast hour of the course is dedicated to providing attendees with Principle Based Responses tothe most common interpersonal attacks using the natural weapon of their bodies as well asimprovised weapons such as pens and flashlights. These techniques do not rely on strength,size, or speed...just decisiveness.

The following training topics will be covered:
Controlling your environment
Personal security concepts
Things you should always carry
Physical security concepts
How to survive an active shooter
Cover vs. Concealment
Caretaker strategies for those moving with children or disabled persons
Fight ­ Flight ­ Freeze
Use of force
Combative Anatomy
Personal weapons
Principle Based Responses
Improvised weapons

#InmemoryJessMellinger #stopdomesticviolence #selfdefense #lovenothate #Shadesville #shadeshairandspa #benefit #theshadesgirls #help #spreadawareness #Controllingyourenvironment
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Shades Hair and Spa
Shades Hair and SpaTuesday, May 24th, 2016 at 5:12am
Check out Mimi's new fun summer nail art!

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Shades Hair and Spa
Shades Hair and SpaTuesday, May 24th, 2016 at 1:06am
Call us and come relax! We can make you feel the way this little guy looks. 244-6492
Shades Hair and Spa
Ruin My Week
We could all use a day like this.
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Shades Hair and Spa
Shades Hair and SpaTuesday, May 17th, 2016 at 6:34am
Get beach ready! See our 2 wonderful waxing technicians, Magen and Mimi!

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Shades Hair and Spa
Shades Hair and SpaThursday, May 12th, 2016 at 9:35am
See me tonight at Shades for a super last minute deal!!!!!! Ask for Valerie
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