Natural Nail Manicure | 1 Hour

The perfect way to beautiful looking nails and hands! Have your nails trimmed and/or filed, soak your finger tips in warm soapy water, have your cuticles softened and pushed, and then a wonderful soothing and moisturizing hand massage, ending with a lacquer polish applied in the color of your choice. $25

Men’s “Man”icure | 3/4 Hour

This manly manicure includes trimming of the nails, a finger soak, cuticles softened and pushed, with a wonderful hand massage. No polish is applied unless a clear coat is wanted. $20

Spa Manicure | 1 Hour 15 minutes

This spa manicure is wonderful for your skin to diminish the signs of aging hands and give them a glowing look. This service includes a basic manicure with an exfoliating customized sugar scrub. A paraffin dip is applied, then wrapped in a hot towel. You receive a hand massage and polish with a color of your choice. $35

Pedicure | 1 Hour

Get comfortable in the luxurious over-sized seat, with the jetted foot bath. Some call it the “footcuzzi”. This service includes toe nails trimmed and filed, cuticles softened and pushed, and filing of the heels and rough spots. Then you receive a therapeutic foot massage and lacquer polish with the color of your choice. $45

Men’s Pedicure | 1 Hour

Our “man”ly pedicure is just the same as our regular pedicure, but it does not include lacquer polish. With this service usually more filing of callus’ are needed. $40

Spa Pedicure | 1 Hour 15 minutes

These are our specialty! Get comfortable on our big comfy couch. Soak in our “footcuzzi”. This service includes nails trimmed and filed, cuticles softened and pushed, heels filed and then exfoliation with our customized sugar scrub, a paraffin dip is applied then wrapped in hot towels, a therapeutic foot massage, and a polish with the lacquer polish color of your choice. $55

Any problem nails can be addressed with your nail specialist, they can help take care of your nail care needs.

Nail Art

A creation of inspiration on your nails! All done by hand, no airbrushing. We offer a variety of simple designs!

Nails (4)Vinylux Polish Manicure

A weekly polish system. With exposure to natural light secures the prolight technology, creating enduring, long lasting polish. Vinylux dries naturally to a flawless finish. It resist chipping. This line has colors to match the shellac line. So, this is a great color match for toes or nails that are already hard that don’t need as much durability.     $35/up

Gel Polish Manicure or Pedicure

A hybrid gel polish that will last 14 days with proper care. It may last longer if taken care of. No chipping, peeling, or tips wearing off! It is highly recommended to use an at home maintenance cuticle oil. This gel polish needs to be taken off or removed by a nail technician. Many colors are available. We carry Shellac and OPI brands. $35/up